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Wakefulness Theology’s Playlists In Order

May 7, 2021

(#1) 1111 Melchizedek Priesthood, Gems in The Ephod

Please start at the beginning and watch in order. This is because Ruach Ha Kodesh is teaching us in steps. The information builds up video by video and shows how Ruach Ha Kodesh works.

In this playlist,  you see us discover “The Five Groups of Yahushua’s Army” and that “We are the Ephod and the ornamentation of the foundation of new Jerusalem”. We also start talking about timelines and confirmations. With each video, we grow and get better. It is a process. A slow process. You will even see how my understanding grows through the process. I get better with each video.  Watching from the beginning will teach you how to see…


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