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Please start at the beginning and watch them in order.  This is because Ruach Ha Kodesh is teaching us in steps.  The information builds up video by video and shows how Ruach Ha Kodesh works.
1. You can start at the beginning with the playlist – “1111 Melchizedek Priesthood, Gems in The Ephod” : CLICK
In this playlist,  you see us discover “The Five Groups of Yahushua’s Army” and that “We are the Ephod and the ornamentation of the foundation of new Jerusalem”. We also start talking about timelines and confirmations. With each video, we grow and get better. It is a process. A slow process. You will even see how my understanding grows through the process. I get better with each video.  Watching from the beginning will teach you how to see…
2. After that you can watch the playlist – “Janus duality, deceiving saints to the false meeting place”: CLICK
In this playlist, we use the information learned in the other playlist, and apply them to the real world so we can understand the major changes that will take place over the next 4 years. We are in the book of revelation and the witnesses are appearing. It’s a lot of catching up to do. Please take your time and let The Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh) guide you.
3. My third playlist is “2022 SPIRITUAL ACTIVATION CODES”:
In this playlist, Ruach Ha Kodesh leads us deeper into the plans of the enemy and the coming deceptions, especially with Ai vs Pi. We show how the time is urgent and everyone will soon have to make a choice!
4. The next playlist is , “Yahushua’s Holy Numbers/Letters, Shapes, and Symbols!” :
In this playlist,  we are beginning to receive Spiritual Meat and are being weaned from milk, In order to truly understand these new revelations.  To understand, you MUST start at the beginning, please … We learn the codes, especially the 6/9, which means “Turning the Key” to receive Revelation 4:1.  We learn that we are 153 True Spiritual Israel and that The Body of Christ will come together in 2025.  Pray on it, research it, and ask Holy Yahushua to confirm it personally to YOU. This is the only way that Satan will not be able to steal it from you!
Because of Copyright, youtube won’t post my video.  Here is the full version of (3/23)Yahushua’s Holy Numbers, Shapes, and Symbols! THE JUSTICE LEAGUE (more videos below): 

[wpvideo uwdyIyO9]

5. This is the current playlist, “How to Get On The ARK”:  click
In this playlist we are getting our oil as in Matthew 25.  We are learning that The ARK is us. We are the Holy place. We are the Tabernacles, and we must live and study in The Most Holy Place which is in our hearts.  We decode many mysteries concerning “The Door” and “The Key”…
If you go to my playlists, you will find many more videos to help you understand this journey we are on. I pray that you take the time to receive some sort of good spiritual nourishment daily. Read your bible cover to cover, and start a spiritual practice. It’s time for us to grow up and start becoming spiritually mature Sons of Yah. This is a step by step incremental process that will be completed in 2025,  I hope you all will continue to join me on this adventure! Time is short! Let’s eat saints! Bon appetite!

Please find the full versions of my other videos below.  For the full playlist, please see my youtube channel 

Yahushua’s Holy Numbers/Letters, Shapes, and Symbols!” DaviD (Full Version Part 16)

[wpvideo nKPxSqHR]

Here are THE FULL VERSIONS OF part 11 and 12 from my series:  Yahushua’s Holy Numbers/Letters, Shapes, and Symbols.

[wpvideo bXMH3zTu] [wpvideo 2kBqmh0j]