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Misinterpreting Dreams and Bearing False Witness

Sharing the gifts” on youtube, has been continually misinterpreting his dreams.  So, Brother David from “The Wakefulness Theology Facebook Group” got a message from Ruach HaKodesh to reach out to Brother Robert.  On his own without anyone else knowing, Brother David independently talked to Brother Rob about it on youtube.  After that, Sister Poli from “Yahushua’s Servant” on youtube equally got a message from Ruach HaKodesh to reach out to Brother Robert.  She privately spoke to Brother Rob on youtube too.   Neither I, Sister Poli, nor Brother David knew that the other was talking with Brother Rob.  Church, it is important to note that, out of obedience to Ruach HaKodesh, they both independently reached out to Brother Rob on their own.   Then last week, Bro Rob did a video calling Brother David and Sister Poli out.  He said in the video that “The Holy Letters” were “wrong or bad”, and that in short, it was Kabbalah.  After he published that video on youtube,  I received an email from someone else who saw Brother Rob’s video.  This person told me that I should repent because The Holy Letters were “bad” and not scriptural.  So I watched Bro Rob’s video to try and figure out what was going on (I am not subscribed to his channel).  After I saw the video, I understood that both Sis Poli and Bro David had reached out to Brother Robert, and that’s why he made the video.  I guess this frustrated Bro Rob?  So respecting Matthew 18:15, I also contacted Brother Rob privately.   Because the matter was much too large for email, I was obedient to Ruach HaKodesh who prompted me to film two videos in response to his error.  Each video is an hour long. I explain in detail how he is misinterpreting his dreams.  I use scripture, proof from TruNews, and I offer other possible interpretations of his dreams.   Church, I don’t think people truly understand what it means to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.  If we did, there would be much fewer accusations in the church.  If you falsely accused A Man or Woman of YaHuWaH of being a false prophet or a witch, you would be guilty of blaspheming The Holy Spirit !!!  This is not something you should do lightly , or on a hunch, or on a whim… You do that only if you are 1000% sure WITH PROOF!!!  Dreams are indications, but NOT proof.  Especially if you are misinterpreting them.  If there is even a 10 % chance that you are wrong, you are gambling away your soul on folly !!! Don’t do it saints.  Please stop. Church, he refused to watch the videos.  Out of obedience to Ruach Ha Kodesh, I spent half a day producing it …, but my time and effort is not the issue.  The problem was that if he didn’t watch the videos he would never understand that his original assumptions, from the beginning, were in error.  So everything based on that first point would be in error.  Without him seeing the videos, it would be impossible for us to have a constructive, mature conversation about scripture.  Unfortunately, he had his mind made up, and refused to listen to anyone.  I pleaded, prayed, and did everything I could think of…but he remained defiant.   We had been emailing each other over the past week, and I have posted the emails below so that The Church can judge for itself.  Now we are 3 witnesses, and I am in my right to bring this matter to the church (Matthew 18:15). Brother Robert is misinterpreting his dreams.  Please watch the videos below and pray on this situation.   I pray that this whole ordeal leads to our unity and harmony in Christ.  May all of this be in Yahushua’s Holy Name, for His Glory, and His Honor.  Holy is Yahushua.  Peace and blessings saints


The Emails:

1 email2 email     3 email   4 email         6 email   7 email   8 email   8.5 email   9 email   10 email10.1 email10.2 email   next to last       end email   So as you can see, he erroneously had his mind made up that I am into Kabbalah or something else weird, which meant that every thought he had would be colored by that.   As I have shown and proven in the above videos, I have nothing to do with Kabbalah or any of that other stuff.  I am a Hebrew from The Tribe of Judah.  I love Yahushua Ha Mashiach with all my heart, mind, and soul, and I am doing everything I can to follow Him and be obedient to Him.  Everything I learn and present comes from Holy Yahushua and Ruach Ha Kodesh.  I do my best to always show and prove.  There is nothing more to the story. Below I am posting two more videos.  The first one is a video from two years ago.  Brother Rob dreamed of me when I first arrived on the scene.  His dream told him that I am to translate YaHuWaH’s Holy language.  This video is proof that Brother Rob has changed his mind since then, but I haven’t changed anything.  My message has remained the same.  Also (just to get this off my chest…lol) I’m pretty sure that Brother Rob hasn’t recently taken the time to look at my ministry.  If he had, he would know that we have nothing to do with Kabbalah.
  Church, this is the last point and then I’m done.  Here is a clip that I saw last night after I prayed on the situation.  It’s from a tv show called, “Zoo”.  I will do a video in about two weeks explaining the meaning, but maybe you can already see “The Message” for yourself.  The character’s name is “Robert”.  They are talking about being “defiant” and the repercussions of it.   Brothers and Sisters, after you have watched the two videos I posted at the top, I am open to discussion and happy to hear your thoughts.  Please be in fervent prayer over this situation.  I pray for peace and harmony among all of us.  The Most High Father wants us to come together NOW!  I have nothing but love for Brother Robert, and I hope and pray that he would just hear us out.  We will soon have the real enemy arriving, and we cannot fight alone.  We need each other.  Together we stand, divided we fall.  Thank you for your prayers.  Holy is Yahushua. Peace and blessings. [wpvideo CHlPrpQ4]]]>


  1. I’ve listened to Rick for years. When I saw this show when it was aired. I was floored. I immediately unfollowed him and listened since even though he has good guest. He unleashed such anger against the Jews and Israel that I could no longer watch.

  2. Well I guess I should have reread my post first. I meant that I don’t listen to him anymore.

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