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267 Letter Line

2019- The Beginning of Sorrows (preview)

Shalom Saints, I have been given a new timeline in Matthew 24. This is very powerful and important information from Yahushua HaMashiach through Ruach HaKodesh. I pray that you all are catching up on these past videos. At least, please make sure you are watching the current playlist “How To Get On The ARK”. You will need the background information to fully understand. May the called and chosen with eyes to see and ears to hear do so. All Praise, Glory, and Honor to The Most High. Holy is Yahushua…   [wpvideo MQEBokbl]    ]]>

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486 Letter Line

You retaliate against wickedness, but because Yah’s love is immeasurable, you are united by His knowledge in word and peace , which dwells completely with everyone and in everyone. An archangel is with you, as well as Grace. They will be with you all and will shelter you. You share stories taught by word of mouth, “as it is written” to gather the untamed lions by Yah’s decree. Untamed means that their lives and/or emotions are out of control. Lion is a saintly person, a child of Yah, and a spiritual warrior! So in other words, by Yah’s decree, you are to gather the saintly spiritual warrior children of Yahushua, whose lives or emotions are out of control.