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940 Letter Line

You discover that a buzite (someone descendant from Buz) is speaking ill of you and slandering you because of their selfishness, vanity, and envy. After that, great angels will come on high clouds, and they will bring those people (The offspring of Seth/Hebrews) …into the place where the spirit of life dwells (through the path, journey, or road) that comes from heaven to earth. (*** “The Escape” will happen outside of the proper or right time. It happens at an unsuitable or inappropriate time***). Deuteronomy 16:1 King James Version (KJV) 16 Observe the month of Abib, and keep the passover unto the Lord thy God: for in the month of Abib the Lord thy God brought thee forth out of Egypt by night. The aforementioned descendant of Buz is self-condemned (selfishness, vanity, and envy) because of the untimeliness or unsuitable timing of “The Escape”. (***Make sure this is not talking about you! Be ready at all times! ***) Now (spiritual) manifestations happen. Unclean demons lay claim to corrupt soul; evil demons cannot stop a faithful and good soul from walking in the way of Yah. 1 Esdras 5:61 “And they sung with loud voices songs to the praise of the Lord, because his mercy and glory is for ever in all Israel.” 1 Maccabees 5:61 “Thus was there a great overthrow among the children of Israel, because they were not obedient unto Judas and his brethren, but thought to do some valiant act.” You are from the Tribe of Asher.

Brother David saw the Holy Letter 940 in a vision. I was watching this video while writing the letter line 940. This Letter warns that The Escape will happen at an inappropriate or unexpected time. In this video, they are saying that Obama is the leopard (and horn?), and Trump is the Lion (and horn?). He explains the difference and how we don’t know who The Man of Perdition is yet. He says that “The Lion”, Trump has just blasphemed fulfilling the prophecy in Revelation 13:5-6. In the video, the Brother says that according to these events, the 42 months has begun (Daniel 7-11) . This video matches the timeline that I have understood. (***I don’t know this man, his ministry, or his channel. I am only sharing the message. As always, go directly to TMH Father for discernment and confirmation***) According to 940, we all need to be spiritually ready NOW to avoid being self-condemned, for no one knows the day or hour! Glory to TMH Father. Holy is Yahushua

395 Letter Line

This time in your life is like a new dawn that brings an outpouring of anger and destruction. Understand who Yah is, and understand who thinks within you; a good person is God’s good work. (Whoever knows the great power will be saved) Whoever knows our great Power will become invisible. (Holy) Fire will be unable to consume such a person, but it will purify. And it will destroy all that you possess. Destruction represents a chaotic situation occurring in your life, major change, or emotional devastation. Things may not be going the way you want it to, or you are making self-destructive choices. Positively, destruction may reflect enormous obstacles you are overcoming. These are the consequences of making any decision (action) by self rather than of faith. Yah did this to save the generation that went astray, by means of the destruction of the world, and baptism through a body begotten by the word, which great Seth prepared for himself, mystically , through the virgin, that the holy people may be conceived by the holy Spirit, through invisible secret symbols, through the destruction of world against world, through the destruction of the world and the god of the thirteen realms, and the appeals of the holy ineffable incorruptible ones, in the heart and great light of the Father, which preexists in his forethought. John 9:2 King James Version (KJV)  And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?
(*** possible meaning: Your sin is making love with a companion***). You wonder, What are the things mixed with it (the dissipation of the type of person that is saved), and what are those that divide it (***like a fertilised egg***), so that the living elect might know? Through this means He (Yah) has established those who are brought in and go out (***of the ARK/Tabernacle/Holy of Holies***), and He has equipped them with armour of the knowledge of truth, with incorruptible, invincible power.

555 Letter Line

You are wholly putting off and removing something away from yourself, out of your life in order to be clean of hands and increase your strength. On the other hand, you hear about Yah through the powers of the Spirit from whom they have come forth in a far superior revelation of the Invisible Spirit. Deuteronomy 5:5 “ while I was standing between the LORD and you at that time, to declare to you the word of the LORD; for you were afraid because of the fire and did not go up the mountain. You descend among others, but they are all intermingled in many places, whatever place Is desirable and pleasing. In order to help support the clergy and give them critical assistance that meets an urgent situation, He says to you, “Write down the things that I shall tell you and of which I shall remind you for those who will be worthy after you. Galatians 6:9 King James Version (KJV) And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Through the covenant, out of the midst of the burning, and of judging, knowing, teaching, etc., you are able to distinguish between all those involved. Joshua 9:9 King James Version (KJV) And they said unto him, From a very far country thy servants are come because of the name of the Lord thy God: for we have heard the fame of him, and all that he did in Egypt (***The covenant and the burning refers to Abraham’s Covenant which was broken in Exodus, and blood ratified through Holy Yahushua’s death at Calvary. Because of this, we are now able to be restored unto Yah***)

37 Letter Line

You are set apart, purified, consecrated unto Yah, and through Divine blessing selected of men (mankind) for the (Melchizedek) priesthood. As Yahushua’s disciples you say to Him, “When will you appear to us and when shall we see you? Yahushua says, “When you strip without being ashamed and you take your clothes and put them under your feet like little children and trample them, then you will see the child of the living one and you will not be afraid. You are going through Self-improvement, positive change, and discontinuing bad habits. Bad people or bad situations are being completely changed. Negative thinking patterns or negative situations are being cleansed from your life. Yahushua says, “The messengers and the prophets will come to you and give you what is yours. You , in turn, give them what you have , and say to yourselves, “When will they come and take what is theirs?” Danger and death is a regular occurrence. This is because people are allowed only the Food of the bad trees to eat and enjoy, whereas from that tree which had the double character they are not allowed to eat- and much less from that of life-in order that they mightn’t acquire an honour equal to themselves, and also so that they should not …(***defeat***) them (***the evil powers***). Romans 8:8 King James Version (KJV) So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. You are unceasingly and unremittingly a chaste woman (or man) /// (***honor means to fulfil The Covenant***)