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Blocked Youtube Videos

Shalom Priests, As expected I am being censored. Youtube has removed our video: 22. The Third Temple= 5 stones, 5 people, 5 trees. Apparently the content is “inappropriate”. Please see the screenshot below. I will re-edit this video and re-upload under a different name asap.

Below, I am also including another video from DECEMBER 18, 2017 that was BLOCKED WORLDWIDE due to copyright? I took out the copyrighted material but decided to NOT put it back on youtube. I think that this material is not welcomed there anymore. In the video, I show that our children are being programmed by tv, radio, and film to serve in satan’s army. The links discussed in the video are below. To fully understand, please see the full playlist.

Original Video Aired: DECEMBER 18, 2017


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