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88 Letter Line

You are always and unceasingly a chaste person in a situation that is totally uncaring or unconcerned about your feelings or happiness. Your location is symbolically represented as “a place in the desert of burden and oppression”. This “desert place” is unenjoyable, cold, meaningless, and empty. It is a symbol of temptation, solitude, desolation, and persecution. There is danger and death. In this place, only the Food of the bad trees does he (satan) allow the people to eat and enjoy, whereas from that tree which had the double character people are not allowed to eat- and much less from that of life-in order that they mightn’t acquire an honour equal to themselves (the evil ones), and also so that they should not …(overtake?) them. Yahushua says, “The messengers and the prophets will come to you and give you what is yours. You, in turn, give them what you have, and say to yourselves, “When will they come and take what is theirs?” As for you, work hard to rid yourselves of anger and jealousy, and strip yourselves of your works, and do not (* be greedy or uncertain)…reproach…For I say to you…you receive…many….one who has sought, having found true life. This person will attain rest and live forever. I say to you, watch yourselves, so that you may not lead your spirits and your souls into error. Romans 8:8 King James Version (KJV) So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. You are an elevation offering unto TMH Father, thus you are apart from the Israelites, and shall be His. Thereafter you shall be qualified for service once you have been cleansed and designated as an elevation offering. For you are formally assigned to Him from among the Israelites: He has taken you for Himself in place of all the first issue of the womb, of all the first-born of the Israelites (as First Fruits). Your mind will become sober and you will be like gods, knowing the difference between evil and good people. (See Psalm 82:6) On the other hand, those that the Word brings forth in his mind after the model of what was preexistent, when he remembers that which is superior and prays for salvation, will have salvation without any uncertainty. At the same time, satan says to the authorities with him, “Come, let’s create a human being after the image of God and with a likeness to ourselves, so that this human image may give us light. Acts 3:5 King James Version (KJV) And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them. (***This “new human” could be referring to Transhumanism and people who take the mark***). These “Transhumans” are to be possessed and under the power of an evil spirit or demon. They are transhuman persons who will be afflicted with especially severe diseases, either bodily or mental (such as paralysis, blindness, deafness, loss of speech, epilepsy, melancholy, insanity, etc.). A wise person shares in God’s kingdom; an evil person does not want God’s providence to come to pass. Mary says, “Will they never be destroyed?” The master Yahushua says, “You know they will perish once again, and the works of the female (***the flesh***) here will be destroyed as well. You are sons of lightning, meaning you are transformed by Yah’s Divine Stream like in the movie Shazam! ( The twelve aeons belong to the Child, the Self-Generated, and everything was established by the will of the holy spirit through the Self-Generated Philippians 3 King James Version (KJV)  Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. To write the same things to you, to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is safe. 2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.3 For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.


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