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804 Letter Line

SAINTS!!! This is truly miraculous!!!!  I will explain it in two weeks in my weekly youtube video series, on Friday Sabbath April 6, 2018.  We are looking at a real message from heaven and I will prove it! This is amazing!!!  Please notice that on the background of the screenshot, there is the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 3: 1.  Please note the time.  It is 8:04.  Above I did the letter line for 804, which is the same Holy Letter of the time (8:04=804).  This letter line has the same meaning as the bible verse!!! Like what?!?!!!!  This is something I can’t wait to share with you guys!  Simple miraculous! Ruach HaKodesh is speaking to The Body of Christ, family!  Holy is Yahushua! Peace and Blessings! Hallelujah! 153 TRIANGLE]]>


  1. Wow. I was prompted to read Ecclesiastes 3 today…for your confirmation:)

    • Shalom Brother, thank you for this confirmation! Our Lord and Savior Yahushua is just truly amazing! This journey of discovering His Messages is miraculous!! I love it! Peace and blessings

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