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777 Letter Line

  CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO Remember this is A Holy Living Letter.  It can mean many things, much more than I can ever write.  I am simply documenting my translation of the Letter Line, in hopes that it might be helpful to someone who doesn’t understand it at all.  As you live your life, these Holy Letters will appear to point out things to you in different ways.  There is always a message.  The key is to pay attention to what is going on when it happens (thoughts, feelings, symbols, the situation, the consistency of repetition circumstances, dreams, etc)


This letter talks about how you are physically giving something up.  It is some kind of sacrifice on earth that you are making.  In my experience, I saw this letter a lot when I left home, left my friends and family, and came to Paris.  It was a big sacrifice.  You are an Israelite.  This is not talking about a religion.  Regardless of your skin color or nationality, this is your bloodline.  You are a descendant of ancient Israelite Hebrews, not “jews”, but the original Hebrews! Please understand the difference.   You are the same as Artsa, a servant of Holy Yahushua.  There is an aspect of yourself that completely caters to others. You are putting someone else’s needs completely before your own.  You might feel underappreciated or that someone else has things too easy. You may feel used or that you’re always subordinate to someone else. This letter also shows up to help you recognize others who are on a similar spiritual path, or life path as you are at that time.  It helps us to recognize each other.  


418 in CSI police code means a lost person that is found.  Seeing this letter 777 represents the beginning of you coming back into Holy Yahushua’s fold.  You have born iniquity in the past.  Because of this, you have suffered the consequences of an oath, invocation, the priesthood, or sin.  You were lost, but now you have been found!!  The Father is calling you back to be reconciled with Him (and/or) You are being called, from The Most High Father to begin advancing to even higher spiritual levels in stages. You have a spiritual duty! You will begin to go through an order of events that will lead you to where Holy Yahushua needs you to be in life.  It is the beginning of your journey to spiritual maturity or even higher levels of spiritual maturity. 418 is also an error page for google called, “I’m a teapot”.  Click here to see it.  If you click on the teapot, it pours a cup of tea.  At first I didn’t think it meant anything, until I saw Minister Paul’s video.  Click here to see his video.  On, tea means:  Tea represents patience. It may also reflect feeling good settling down. A professional or experienced attitude you have regarding waiting for something important. Feeling good not having to take any risks. A confident or positive attitude that is not desperate. Knowing exactly what will happen and intelligently not stressing out about it. Consider the saying “Good things come to those who wait.” Choosing to not get angry.I will explain next week.  So, It seems that this line might also be telling us that , “the sequence of lawlessness repeating is inevitable, but we must be patient , confident, and steadfast in Yahushua!  We know exactly what will happen, so there is no need to stress out about it.”  


It is inevitable that you will always have protection, faith, and healing. Just keep following the signs, listen to Yahushua, be obedient, and just follow Him.   Almost all of us (The Bride) see this Holy Letter at the beginning.  ]]>

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