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756 Letter Line

  1. Must tell you, for me it was 7-12! Had been tryin to cature and focus on this planet from my back yard, was told by a neighbor that it was venus! Something told me that it wasnt, and to keep it up nightly trying to catch up with it! It took a month! When i did i couldnt believe what i was lookin at! I was so shocked i coulnt breath! It literally took my breath away! It was a small planet! It was flat on the top with very large creator damage, 3 very deep but small creators towards the top right! And a grand canyon like gouge like our equator, but from bottom left to upper right! It was so clear and focused! I couldn’t believe what i was being blessed by YHWH’s knowledge, right there up close thru my son’s German made telescope he had lent Me! Knowing no one would believe me, I ran in and got whiteness, my husbands and grandaughter! They seen it too! Ok, about a few days later I had seen on the news that the Jet propulsion laboratory had sent out a satellite 7 yrs prayer to view this asteroid called Vesta, that the new pics were comin in but were still very blurred, and in about a month they would be close enough to capture it clearly! Well finally about a month later, they presented to new photos, and I almost lost it! It was what I had seen myself that night!!! I was never the same, I had ask Father YHWH, why and how did I see that way before JPL had gotten close enough to have focused photos of it!?!?!? It took about 5yrs. To learn why I seen Vesta before the world see it! Last yr. I had asked one more time, why, and that very same day, I watched a yt channel on Faith, and the pastor said that” Because You Ask As Kings”!!! I was floored, I was so very humbled, yet I Heard HIS Voice, and I recognized HIS Voice! It was HIM answering Me!!! Now my faith and Salvation came way back in 3-81, but it was after Vesta, I felt the ROACH HAKODESH confirmation! I felt moved by the Comforter! HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH! All Praise be to Father YHWH, amen and amen Blessing Messenger Paula, wi th All the LOVE that there is, rebecca

    • Shabbat Shalom sister, this is an amazing story! Yes! He is Glory! He is above perfection and worthy to be praised! Hallelujah! I will look into “Vesta” because I haven’t heard about it yet. Thank you for sharing! Holy is Yahushua. Peace and blessings..

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