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4 Letter Line (The Door/Delta/Cross)

For more info please see my video on youtube:  Yahushua’s Holy Numbers/Letters, Shapes, and Symbols! The Door (Part 10) 4 symbolically represents “The Cross” 4 also represents The Harvest Workers (We will be 4 groups after “The Water Event”)  4 also represents The Door ! (Revelation 4)                                                                               6/9 means “Turning the Key” to “Open the Door” so that Holy Yahushua will show you the things that will come here after. (Revelation 4) After “The Water Event”, half of The Priests, represented by 110 will go to heaven (Mark 1:10) .  The other half of 110 will be joining the other groups.  The 5 groups will become 4 groups by 2022 (Hebrew Year, which is anytime April 2022 to April 2023) Revelation 22:10-16.  I put Rev 22 to reflect the year 2022 and The Groups.  Below is just an example of how “The code” works….  

Please understand that each verse number is speaking directly to the people represented by that Holy Letter. These codes can be understood throughout the Holy texts.

  So Rev 22:11 is for The Leaders. (They assemble those who are Righteous and Holy)   (They are represented by a combination of Messengers (Exodus 3:2), (Malachi 3:1-2) , Melchizedek Priests from “1,110” Psalm 110:4 , and a mix of people from each of the other 3 groups.) Please notice the above psalm verse is 110 + 4 (4 is the door) They have a 5 fold ministry and the anointing of each group.   Rev 22:12 is for The Prophets.  (They warn of rewards/punishment)                         (Isaiah 11:2.  These people are represented by The Prophet Elijah) Rev 22:13 is for The Witnesses.  (They witness to His Glory)                               (Revelation 11:3/Zechariah 4:11) Rev 22:14 is for the 144,000.  (They are clean and will have the tree of life)  (Revelation 14 and Revelation 11:4 and Zechariah 4:11) Rev 22:15 is for the 011 (or people who take the mark of the beast).  Rev 22:16 is “The Result” of all the above.  (116 or 16 , is code for “what happens next,” the result, or transition)…  This code works all throughout the bible!  See Psalms 110-116.  You will see that each Holy Letter is a comment for that group!  


  NOW WE ARE 5 GROUPS OF 11s = REVELATION 11:5 IN 2025 WE WILL BECOME 5 GROUPS OF 11 11s = REVELATION 11:11   Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 12.24.57.png REV 11 TIMELINE.png Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 21.57.40.png

1+1+1+1 = 4  (The Door and/or The Four Groups after The 116/611/911 Event )

  Please see the picture below.  It comes from Sister Ashley who gave us “the 153 triangle iphone screen shots”. 611 = The Result…”What Happens next…” The 5’11s won’t be ready for this Door until 2025.  I know this because of the hidden timeline in John 21  and The Timelines in Revelation 11 + 12 (From Sister Tamieka’s Hebrew message).  I have explained this in the past videos.   At that point in 2025 or John 21:25,  The Body of Christ will be formed on Earth.  Please notice that John 2+1+2+5 = 10 or completion.  The appearance of The Door can happen anytime between 2025-2040 (we know this from The TV show  The 3% on Netflix as confirmation).  This will be The Time for Gathering The Harvest!  The Body of Christ on earth will be The Harvest workers, in The Fields, preparing the way for Holy Yahushua to return !!! IMG_5953.jpg611.jpg IMG_5939 door.JPG We now have “The Key to The Door”. [gallery ids="1294,1295" type="rectangular"] I will decode my house key (above) in my next vid Friday July 20, 2018.  In the meantime, please see the letter lines for the numbers on my key.   letter lines 549  801 , 108  , and 945 to understand. YaHuWaH, represented as Pi (3.14) as in Exodus 3:14   is EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, IN HEAVEN AS ON EARTH !!! He wrote This Book of Life everywhere! It is the True program underlying our fake matrix hologram reality.  This Living Book was written in us, and it was published when Holy Yahushua died on the Cross.  Being able to read “The Book/Ourselves“,  IS Key !!!  This is confirmed by letter line 549.  This Holy Letter is literally on my house key !!!Please note that 801 or 108 is The Dove (Pigeon)- Holy Spirit (see below) alpha.png 181.jpg 5 STEPS.png IMG_6086.jpg The above picture was another confirmation I received.  A pigeon at my window (super rare and happened while I was recording a video on the topic) The Turning of The Key symbolized by 6-9, 16-19, or 61-91 is “The crown of understanding, your weapon, and your sword, which comes from spiritual nourishment/food. ”  Turning the key is Holy Yahushua showing us the things which must be hereafter. (Revelation 4:1)  Turning the key is this very understanding of “The Record” (from letter line 549)  that you are reading right now!!! The time of turning the key (6/9) is from 2018-2022 or 4 Hebrew years.   We go by the Hebrew calendar, April 2018 to April 2022. REV 12.png   zayin.png The above picture is from The Hebrew Message received from Holy Yahushua through Sister Tamieka.   Sister Ashley drew the  picture below from a dream she recently had . IMG_5939 door.JPG On this picture you can see The number 1 and The number 2. The number 1  represents “when” The Actual Door will open and people will actually go through (Anytime between 2025-2040…We don’t know when) . The number 2 represents “who” (153 Spiritual Israel).  It shows that “We” are on “The Threshold of Entering”. Under Column number 2, you see The #2 and lastly The #4 listed.  Please see Revelation 11:2 which says 4 + 2 months !!! In Hebrew we read backwards… 42 months = 3 and a half years.  That time 2+4  is  represented in the google doodle below.  Do you see the hands of the clock show 2+4?  In the other picture below, we see the 4 years on the clock.  This is the time we have left to  get spiritual nourishment (on Sister Ashley’s screenshot).  They (The evil ones) started a year before us and will finish slightly before us.  The google doodle video below also shows the 116/611 (Water) Event.  This 2+4 from Sister Ashley’s dream is telling us, that the time of darkness is coming (Revelation 11:7) and Letter Line 652. We can also see this “Darkness coming” from (Matthew 27:45) .  Matthew 27:45 = 6/9= turning the key.  It is confirmation that this time frame is when The Prince of Persia will drop his mask (2021-2022), near the time when the books will be written and published in 2023!  (I will explain on Friday. please see JK vid below) time 2 [wpvideo UR56lEyA]   IMG_1516.jpg In the above screen shot from the TV show , “The 3%”, you can see a dove, The Letter D, and 25-40.  In Hebrew “D” is “4” or “a door” !  The D also stands for “The Delta Transformation” .   As we said earlier, The Dove is Yahushua/Holy Spirit (801 or 108).   In the above picture, “Raphael” is an Archangel who also represents the group 1.111 and undercover spies/prophets.  The “25-40” in the picture represents 2025-2040. The above picture reads almost exactly as the message in the picture below .  It says, “We don’t have all time…no,no,no” (531). Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 00.59.34.png I asked you guys to watch “The 3%” on netflix.  Sorry, there is bad language in it though.  I hate that.  But still, at least see Season 1 episode 4 please.  As usual, they invert everything and switch the roles of  Holy and Evil, so use your discernment from Ruach Ha Kodesh to know the difference.  Still, this show is prophetic and with Wakefulness Theology, we can see Holy Yahushua everywhere in it !!! S1E4 shows how the 153 must work together.  Please notice that the episode number is 14 or 4 !  I explain this in my videos on my video page.    hebrew-english-gamtria-chart I know It’s a lot to understand and it’s a lot to explain.  I’m doing my best saints! To understand better, please watch my video playlists on youtube.  Holy is Christ. Peace and blessings saints! copyright 2018 Wakefulness Theology Publishing  ]]>

  1. Dear Paula
    Thank you for your dedication and passion for this exciting venture God is steering you on. Your videos have been of much encouragement to me and very thought provoking.
    I was knocked sideways the other day about the message in the Janis duality: know thy enemy (6/11). However, was encouraged by the Bible reading later that evening in Haggai 2:4-6. “…Be strong, all you people still in the land. And now get to work, for I am with you, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies….”. I am still working out what work God wants me to do.
    May God bless you.
    Regards Betsie
    On Sat, 28 Apr 2018, 15:14 Wakefulness Theology, wrote:
    > MessengerPaula posted: ” Saints! I’m crying… just crying! I can’t get > the messages out fast enough!!! 4 symbolically represents “The Cross” 4 > also represents The Harvest Workers (We will be 4 groups after “The Water > Event”) 4 also represents The Door ! (Revelation 4) Aft” >

  2. Hey, I really dont understand your messages yet 😉 but I know it must growing. I wil tell you, because I believe its interesting. I discover in my life a lot of 1222 and 144. Our hypothec signed on 14-02-2014. we even live at a adress some years with a zipcode 1222 CJ and housenumber 44! its schocking me, because I know now why the devil fight us this much! I’m also discover I was born 1 Tishri 5745. This year (first day of the year 5778 = new beginning) 33 years.
    So the Lord is telling me something. I think this 144k thing?
    15-03-2018 (153) I was 12222 days old and on 14-04-2024 14444 days! That must be something! But what 😉
    God bless you with His wisdom and understanding!
    Love you

  3. Could it be that people of door 1 is opening for the people of door 2? Because I feel He is that doing through me. Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj (who is preparing the greatest move of the Holy Spirit EVER) said the Lord has 2 types of marters in this last days. Some for their whole lifes (the nobodys) en than the others. So in my understanding it could be. That the marters of whole life which life is totally abonded to the Lord for learn His lessons and now in His strength give it to the other people.
    Sorry for my wrong grammar

    • Shalom sister, with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26) Let’s seek confirmation on it. Holy is Yahushua! Peace and blessings

    • Shabbat Shalom Sister Betty, I have received confirmation and you are right !!! I will explain this in my video next Friday. I have worked on this Letter Line 4 a bit more, so maybe it’s a little clearer for you now? Also I have explained a lot more in my latest video posted yesterday night. I hope you understand what I am trying to say a little better now? Let me know. Talk soon sister! Holy is Christ. Peace and blessings loved one

  4. Shalom Sister Paula, I try to see it soon.
    Its important to know there are 2 waves. a foreshaduw (firstfruits) and the greater one. the Lord says He comes first for His special bride (1th rapture, people as Enoch. 1Cor.3:13,14), than it shocked the church (parable wise/foolish virgins) and the great sanctification follows (because the bride can only raptured pure, the church is not pure now.), I thinks this matched your data.
    Word of the Lord over the special bride:
    The Lord has sold our house and so much date falls on holy feastdays (sold on 14/5 Israel birthday, transmission on the feast of shiloah (jewist feast of love, on Enochs calender / the transmission when we get the house was on 14/2/14 the gentile lovefeast), the price what we get (strange amount) and my birthday pointed to this Rosh Hashana (wich is also 11/9), is this maybe the start?! My 33 years are over, He using me also as the shofar 1Tess.4:16 (born on 1tishri 33years ago) Isiah 58:1.
    I think this is the first wave. see vision:
    than when the church repentend fully, He comes back in greater glory ?!
    some interesting data. My fathers birthday 2-4-2022 (= actually 2-2-2222) is the 1260e day from 21-10 (40day after 12/9.
    My telephonenumber says 12/9 3th day? 06-38401293 . 3-8 is the transmission from our house, than 40 days later =12 /9 3th day?
    10/9 is the purchase price of our house (252th day of the year)
    21-10-2018 is also the 7th month after Billy Graham died (the Methusalach of our time)
    2-4-2022 is also the day that Barack Obama (Antichrist) = 60,66 years old. And on the Torahcalender its 3/31 the last day.
    It seems the Lord is telling us something through my life, therefore i give you more dates that could possible mean something.
    we married 6-5-2009 (on Enochs calender 17/2 flood start and 2nd passover) (it’s his birthday also), in 2021 is that 12years/ 144months, that date is also my niece 7 years (meaning: in the Ark ?)
    6-05-2022 my husband is 40 and my niece is 8 (new start? judgement world and safety for His people. place in the wilderniss?)
    the price we ask for the house was 239500. Now we get 12.500 extra. 23-9 (2017) the 5th day is my 33 birthday on our calender. 23-09 + 12 months and the 500th day of the year its the 33th birthday of a servant of the Lord who is the Gate of the New Jerusalem. I know because his birthday (’87:2-4) matches Psalms 87:2, Psalms 24 and Ezechiel 48:31 (his name is Ruben). What it means i dont know, something with the New Jerusalem. Is it coming back? Jeremia 52:8 / Joel 2:32 / 1 Tess.4:14 / Rev.21:10 and when??
    another (special) bride of Christ is born 12-2’86 and her daughter is born 21-10. this 2018 8years old. This is the 11940e day. 11/9 + 40 is also 21-10.
    Something is happen
    Bless you in Christ name
    al for His Glory!

    • Shabbat Shalom sis! I have received your message loud and clear and will share it with our brothers and sisters in my next video ! Thank you! I have shared the blog links on facebook. I have gotten the same messages, and so it brings great clarity and confirmation. If I don’t see you before, see you at the wedding feast ! Holy is Yahushua ! Peace and blessings sister…

  5. 21-10-2018 is also the 7th month after Billy Graham died (the Methusalach of our time), this is wrong, sorry!
    it must be 21-09 is 7 months after his death. 21-9 is the day after Yom Kippur. but that was not what it was about now.
    Shalom! Holy is Yahushua. I wish you in the name of the Lord great understanding and wisdom, and His blood as a wall of protection around you. Peace and blessings sister

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