513 Letter Line


This letter line is super important at this time, because we will soon be talking about the book “From Curse to Blessing” by Derek Prince.

(click here for a summary of the book pdf)

(Click here for the full book pdf)

Also, we are now understanding that to be cursed means “woe”.  To be cursed and “in woe” represents those who will be left behind in the great and terrible tribulation, Matthew 24:21.  To be blessed means to be saved.  It represents those who will escape as in Revelation 12:14, Revelation 11:12 , and Revelation 3:10.  Please read the book “From Curse to Blessing” or at least the pdf pamphlet linked above.  Please make sure you are blessed brothers and sisters ! Saints, it is time to break ALL CURSES.  All praise, glory, and Honor to The Most High Father. Holy is Yahushua.  (ps..this Holy Letter came up because of a dream from sister Tia.  She woke up at 5:13 am)




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