23 Letter Line



Many people see this Holy Letter 23 when they are starting to “wake up” and realize that we are living in a satanic matrix, YaHuWaH and Yahushua are REAL, and We are called to know The Truth and find out who we really are. The Holy Letters are numbers, and it is The Most High Father’s Language or Pi = 3.14. (Exodus 3:14 He is that Pi)


This Holy Letter 23 is the reason that my ministry is called “Wakefulness Theology”.   Wakefulness Theology is literally the meaning of Holy Letter 23.  My birthday is July 23 and my mother’s birthday is September 23.  My grandmother-in-law and brother-in-law were both born on July 23.  My address as a child was 723 as well.  This is a re-occurring Holy Letter in my life.    Every time I see 237, I know I am on the right track.  This is the first Holy Letter I saw back in 1999 when Yahushua started calling me.


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