19 Letter Line


The definition of Spiritual Food or Nutrition is : https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Spiritual-Food

So how do we feed ourselves on the Word of God and allow that to happen?  Always let Ruach Ha Kodesh teach you and guide you…


  • Receive the Word with your ears. Commit yourself to go to listen to Yah’s Word being spoken.
  • Read the Word with your eyes. Having a Bible in your house is not going to bless your life. You have to have the Bible in your heart, cover to cover.
  • Research the Word with your life experience, hands, and mouth. When studying the Word of  Yah, keep a pencil in your hand. Write down what God teaches. Talk about what you’re discovering with other believers in a small-group environment.
  • Reflect on the Word with your heart, mind, and soul. Think about and chew on Yah’s Word.  Live His Word! Find His Word living and alive in the material world.
  • Remember the Word with your heart. You’ll rarely have a Bible with you when you need it. Commit God’s Word to memory and share it with others as much as possible.


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