3 thoughts on “634 Letter Line

  1. I love that parable…I miss brother Robert. Some sayings are tough…Matthew 19:11…this is a tough subject/hard saying(Wakefulness Theology)…but they who are of the spirit…are easily identified(both of you are of the spirit)…Can you do a breakdown of my name even a story line of my character: Green is my favorite color…thank you very much. May Yahushua continue to bless you🤗

    On Sat, Aug 18, 2018, 5:17 AM Wakefulness Theology wrote:

    > MessengerPaula posted: “” >

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    1. Shalom Brother Brandon, Yes I miss Brother Robert too. Yes, both Brother Robert and I are of The Spirit, but if a person of The Spirit is disobedient and defiant, they will get a new spirit of disobedience. This is dangerous. For your name, please send me an email at messengerpaula@wakefulnesstheology.com . I won’t be able to do your name until next year because I am working on the dictionary I am writing. I use the dictionary to translate names. Also, there is a waiting list. Please send me your name by email, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. So happy to hear from you! My favorite color is yellow 🙂 Holy is Christ. Peace and blessings


  2. Sister Sister Sistar! This is it, as expressed! On Line! Ha! The Ark has been presented to me for the last few months! Now is not early enough! As one hops a train, with one hand holding on for dear life, and the other reaching out to those not fueled enough to hussel on the trussle! Hallelujah our hope prevails! Ty Father YHWH, Ty YAHASHUA, Ty Ruach Ha KODESH for All that is of you, ALWAYS LOVE, rebecca


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