737 Letter Line



Shalom Brothers and Sisters,

The picture below comes from Sister Karma J.  She took a picture of the tv news that says “Holy Fire Burns 3,400 Acres”.  This is a direct manifestation of what Holy Yahushua audibly told me one morning when I woke up, back in 2016.  He said “Holy fire will burn through the church.”  I have a playlist about it on youtube.  In Sister Karma’s picture below, we can see that the time is 7:37 on the clock, so I did the letter line for it.  I believe that it is a direct comment on what is happening now, and is confirmation of Letter Line 801  which says that “those who remain unwise will become an offering made by fire”.    This is a direct warning to The Church!  Please take heed and hear what The Holy Master is saying !  Those who can hear His voice and follow His commands will not be harmed.  He will dress us like Daniel 3.   Holy is Yahushua. Peace and blessings saints.

holy fire.png


we are the Holy Thing! copy 2.jpg

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