717 letter line


at the 28:58 mark, I made a mistake on my pdf hidden timeline. It is written 2026-2033 John 21:25… It was a typo! Numbers 13:25-33 should have been written instead! Sorry… I will make a point to correct this in another video! peace and blessings For more discussion on the topic, I invite you to join the Wakefulness Theology group on Facebook :…

2 thoughts on “717 letter line

  1. Hi Sister Paula,
    I pulled up this letter line because I’m constantly seeing it. When I read the letter line it matches exactly what I’m going though. I am currently living and in a relationship with a man whom I love dearly but I’m not married to him. The Father told me not to get into a relationship with him and I did anyway. Now I’m suffering the consequences such as no spiritual peace and a constant conviction from the holy spirit. I can’t just up and leave I have 4 kids and can’t afford to move out on my own. I know for a fact I’m one of the 144. Father has given me so many do formations including leading me to your channel. Words can’t express the Love I feel from our Father. I want so bad to be pleasing too him and obey. I know I have work to do and I feel stuck. I feel like I wont be able to move forward with my kingdom work until I’m obedient. Please help me and your advise would be appreciated. Please pray for me in this situation.

    Karma J

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