73 Letter Line



As I always say, this letter has many meanings.  This is just a quick overview to help those who are searching to understand the messages they are receiving from Yahushua.  Minister Paul talks about this letter a lot.  When taken in context, it can be a warning, a confirmation, a date, a time, or anything else.  With all Holy Letters, you must pay attention to the context of the appearances.  (***In my next video, I will explain more)

Material Meaning:

This line is describing the physical struggle we have in our souls, as we try to get through our daily lives in this evil, upside-down, and corrupt world.  This is a spiritual race, but everything that is spiritual manifests in the physical world.  So, you see the results of that struggle in your daily happenings.  The sash represents a leadership role you now have taken on.  More specifically, you have physically been recognized, acknowledged, or set apart in some way as a leader.  As a leader, you bond with others. People may be asking you for something or want your attention. You experience situations in waking life where someone has shown you that they care about you. In my experience, I started my youtube ministry.  In my first videos, I talk about it in depth.



503 IN HTTP COMPUTER CODE MEANS: The server is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overload or scheduled maintenance, which will likely be alleviated after some delay.  This is symbolically the same idea as bluster/organic matter.  Organic matter is Humans and all living things (or “the server”).  Bluster is the trouble blowing, like a turbulant storm (or “the overload”).  Many of us have had dreams about the storm coming, so have I.  Well this letter talks about that terrible storm arriving and overloading all living things.  This will  last for a period of time.   In the physical world , this “bluster/storm/overload”  is manifested as earthquakes, terror attacks, and social upheaval etc.  We have see all of these things come true in 2017.



This line explains how we go from being spiritual babies to becoming spiritually mature warriors for Yahushua’s Bridal Army, through spirtual war. It seems that the 1000 or thousands, represent the amount of souls involved in the situation .  For example, because of the earthquakes that have happened three years in a row on November 13th (Japan, Christchurch, and Iran-Iraq), I’ve understood this to represent the amount of people affected by each earthquake.  The Paris attacks were also on Nov 13, 2015.   The date November 13th is important because of prophetic confirmations through Minister Paul and Sister Rhonda Thompson.  Minister Paul’s video confirmed the line 73 and was released the day before the Christchurch earthquake Nov 13, 2016.  Sister Rhonda Thompson video confirmed the letter line 73 and was released the day before Japan’s 7.3 earthquake on Nov 22, 2016.  This year the Iraq/Iran earthquake was also 7.3 on Nov 13.  The Iran/Iraq earthquake seems to be a prelude or warning for the event talked about in Revelation 11:13.  (video available on Friday Nov 19,2017 )  Click here for more info.


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