23 Letter Line


This letter is the reason that my ministry is called “Wakefulness Theology”.   Wakefulness Theology is literally the meaning of Holy Letter 23.  My birthday is July 23 and my mother’s birthday is September 23.  My grandmother-in-law and brother-in-law were both born on July 23.  My address as a child was 723 as well.  This is a re-occuring Holy Letter in my life.  Many people see this Holy Letter when they are starting to “wake up” and realize that we are living in a matrix that is controlled by Evil.   This is one of the first Holy Letters I saw back in 1999 when Yahushua started calling me.



This line talks about how we have been given the ability to see the wickedness in our society.  The state of the world  grieves the Holy Spirit in us.  The line talks about how the Holy Letter 23 draws and gathers us to wakefulness.  It is seeing this Holy letter in repetition that makes us question reality, and helps us to come out of our sleep.  It calls us and helps us to recognize each other as TMHs children on earth.  To really know the Father ,we must know what isn’t Him.  You must be able to recognize evil before you can understand holy.  This is wakefulness.



676- Thanking and celebrating the eucharist or in other words God’s purifying presence.  This is often considered as taking communion.  In this sense, it seems to mean everything we do to celebrate Holy Yahushua’s purifying presence.  Celebrating Holiness!



We see this letter when The Father has seized us and taken hold of us.  When this happens, it is so strong that no one on earth can convince you otherwise.  We should know without a doubt that The Lord Yahushua is communicating with us when we see this letter.


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