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11:11 Code = Mature and Actualized Sons of YaHuWaH (2023-2025)

Click here for video preview  Shabbat Shalom Saints,


A BENEFACTOR FREELY CHOOSING TO RUN AFTER THE TEACHING OF TORAH BY PRACTICING ACTS OF LOVINGKINDNESS SHARES HIDDEN GOODNESS.  THE LATENT POWER OF THE SPIRITUAL (POTENTIAL) TO BE MADE ACTUAL IN THE PHYSICAL WILL HAPPEN WHEN THE BOOK IS PRINTED (2023).  THE CROWN OF UNDERSTANDING IS YOUR WEAPON, YOUR SWORD WHICH COMES FROM SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT/FOOD.  THE TIME SET TO GO FROM NEEDING MANAGERS TO BECOMING FULLY MATURE SONS OF YAHUSHUA IS 2023-2025.  (THIS “BECOMING FULLY MATURE SONS OF YAHUSHUA” IS THE MEANING OF 1111 AND REFERS TO WOMEN AND MEN) PLEASE SEE REVELATION 11:11 I do these posts for two reasons.  One is to give you some information before my next video, the other is to help me organize my thoughts and document the process.   I received a new message last night, and it was confirmed by Sister Tamieka this morning.  When I was in prayer last night, The Holy Rabbi showed me a vision that is similar to a dream that Sister Tamieka had last night.  Holy Yahushua showed me fireballs, that shot across the sky, over water, and onto land . Here is Sister Tamieka’s dream below. fireball.png It’s a much bigger story that I will share on Friday.  This morning, Sister Tamieka shared a lot more with me, which turned out to be confirmation and clarification of everything we have been talking about since December 2017 !!!  THIS IS HUGE !!!  I feel like I have experienced a MIRACLE here… I’m in awe. I’ll try to explain a little bit.  Remember in my video, posted last night on youtube (June 29, 2018), I explained how 22 is the Gematria of David, plus The Father, which is the number of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet.  I explained how The Holy Letter 22 means “Cipher,” and how being able to “Cipher” Yah’s Word is “The Seal” spoken of in Revelation 7:3 in your forehead chakra.   For more explanation please see: the 22-113-116 Codes.  This morning, The Message from Ruach Ha Kodesh, through sister Tamieka is a series of Hebrew Letters that I had to cipher:  Gimel, Tet, Kaf, Kaf, Zayin, with their numerical values that add up to 59 and/or 119  (119 is 911)  .   59 is the numerical values of the Hebrew Letters and 119 includes the gematria value of  the Hebrew letter “Zayin”. The amazing part of all this is that, Sister Tamieka doesn’t know Hebrew at all !!!  What ???  She perfectly drew the letters and correctly put the numeric values without knowing anything about Hebrew!  It’s crazy!  You won’t believe this when I show you !!! It’s amazing !!!  I have understood the message, and it is super confirmation of everything and it clarifies a lot.   By the way, I don’t know much about Hebrew either, just enough to have the basic idea. So how Holy Yahushua passed a Hebrew message through two people who don’t know Hebrew is simply miraculous! This new message speaks of Revelation 11:11.  There are 22 Letters in the Hebrew Alphabet.  22= 11+11 or 11:11.  Because of this new message, I now understand the 11:11 code.  11:11 is a code and it is part of the Revelation timeline.  11:11 means that between 2023-2025 is the time set for us (153 Israel) to go from “needing managers to becoming mature Sons of Yah”.  The expression “Sons of Yah” represent both men and woman.  This new message also confirms that the 7.3 earthquakes and Trump declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 2017, was the point in time when the Witnesses were called (Rev 11:3). It also explains why we are studying the 6/9 right now (meaning to Turn the Key).   It’s because Rev 12: 6-9 is where we are right now in the Timeline.  We are receiving the spiritual nourishment of  Rev 12:6, for the next four years.   I will explain it and show proof  on Friday July 6, 2018!  I posted two timelines from Revelation 11 and Revelation 12 below.  This is just miraculous!  I will break down the message from today in conjunction with everything we have been learning..It is a gift from our Holy King ! Holy is Yahushua Ha Mashiach! Thank you Holy Father for this gift of spiritual nourishment for your children.  All Praise , Honor , and Glory to The Most High! Thank you Sister Tamieka for your obedience and sharing this with us. hebrew Time to brush up on your Hebrew 🙂   7 Remember the 2 lamp stands I got in the mail?


REV 11 TIMELINE.png   REV 12.png]]>


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