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11:11 Code = Mature and Actualized Sons of YaHuWaH (2023-2025)

  1. Sister Paula. I have a question as I am just learning..a pilgrim making progress…I received the Ruach..Holy Spirit in 2-22-2017. Since then I have been given many revelations through dreams and visions and reading of His Word. One dream given on 9.13.2017 , I was given 3 numbers. I heard ” I have set an open door before you..the time 2:22…then I heard “There will be a door” 4:42…then I heard Blow the Trumpet in Zion! Those who divided my land ..travail as a woman about to give birth. 4:44….backing up on 8.8.2017 I was shown the Holy Spirit covering the face of the earth. Told the Holy Spirit would leave in minutes. Told 6-7 times throughout dream to remember the number 43. I knew minutes meant # of months when He said leaving in minutes. Then I saw 3 layers of earth like they were pealed back like one dimension laying upon the other. Once the Holy Spirit left..there were 2 and the bottom “3rd layer” was pure evil and was able to manifest fully upon the 2 nd layer earth. I wasn’t able to see this 3rd layer but was protected and just heard. I am reveiling what our Father leads me to share on my channel to feed His Sheep and was led to you by Sister Poli whom I love very much in Yesuah Jesus our Savior. May you be blessed with the Fullness of His Glory..Sister Alyssa “Lisa”

    • Shalom Sister, Thanks for the comment. That is a lot to chew on! wow… I’ll let it simmer for a bit and get back to you if I receive understanding from Ruach Ha Kodesh. Talk later! Holy is Yahushua. Peace and blessings!

    • Shalom Sister Alyssa, I am sooo happy Yahushua has sent you to join us. Yes, your dreams seem to be confirming the messages I have been receiving and talking about lately. Have you caught up on my past playlists? If not, they are listed in order with links, at the bottom of my video page just scroll down. If you watch these vids to the present playlist, you will understand your dreams. Thank you for the confirmation, and I am super happy to meet you sister ! Welcome. You are 153 with the 22 to the 6/9 for the 25-40. You have Revelation 4:1 . Next year we will be in Rev 11:5, and in 2025 we will be in Rev 11:11. I explain this well in my next vid coming out this Friday. If you understand what I have written, you should be able to understand your dreams. Holy is Christ ! Peace and blessings beautiful sister !

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